The Best Printable Gift Wrap

A few weeks ago I was at work and needed to send a quick gift to a friend. I didn’t have time to get gift wrap so I thought I’d check if there was any I could print off for free, and I was pleasantly surprised! Here’s a selection of the best I found:

This was the first one I found and absolutely loved – for obvious reasons! It’s from the brilliant Minieco, and you can find it here. There’s so much great stuff on that site!

This floral print is from Oh Happy Day, and I’ve added a couple of parcel tags.giftwrap2

This Ombre design is from Poppy Talk and I’ve jazzed it up with some washi tape.giftwrap7

Spots all round with another one from Minieco, and I kept the theme going with some polka dot ribbon.giftwrap3

The Wrip Wrap Wrop website is brilliant, you choose your print, your colour scheme and your paper size and then print! I’ve teamed it with some baker’s string.

This fading print from Minieco is perfect if you only have a black and white printer, and can look great with some colourful ribbon, like this!giftwrap4

And finally, another one from Poppy Talk, which is an Instagrammed picture of daisies.giftwrap6


These are great! My favourite is the one from Wrip Wrap Wrop. Thanks for sharing!

Posted 6 years ago by Teresa Reply

    My pleasure!

    Posted 6 years ago by Tessa Reply

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