The Best Biscuit Cards

I haven’t done a card round up in a while, so I thought it was time. Last time I did a food round up I made a conscious decision to omit one food type, because I thought it deserved it’s very own post, and that food type is: Biscuits (the English kind).

It’s safe to say I’m pretty into biscuits. My boyfriend says I have a different technique to eating each kind. Surely that’s normal though right?
For example:
Jaffa Cake (fairly contentious re: is it a cake or biscuit, but we’ll say biscuit in this case) = nibble the sponge around the edge then bite off the bottom layer of sponge so you’re left with the orange jelly covered in chocolate. Eat this section in one.
Custard Cream = Split the 2 halves, ideally being left with one biscuit with no cream, and one will all the cream. Eat the less covered half first (obvs), and then the more covered (better cream to biscuit ratio). I suppose this technique actually works for most sandwich biscuits.
Hobnobs = ideally the chocolate kind, always with a cup of tea.

I could go on…

Here’s the best of the biscuit themed cards on the web:


Starting with 2 cards from the wonderful Present & Correct. On the left, the Pink Wafer (says Happy Birthday inside), £3.25 each, and on the right, the Biscuit card, a delicious looking sandwich variety, £5 each.


Next up, on the left here, the (pun-tastic) You’re Nice card, £2.50 from Paperchase, and on the right, Biscuits are good, £2.50 from Not On The High Street.


And finally a couple of Etsy picks; on the left, I heart Biscuits postcard, quite pricey at £8.50, but it is letterpress (I’m also pretty sure this is talking about the US kind of biscuits…) by Pioneer House, and on the left, Biscuits: card, £2.50 by Nikki Miles.

I think it’s time for a cup of tea after all that, don’t you?

EDIT: Since this post when live I have been made aware of a brilliant concept; the scratch & sniff biscuit card!! This dream been made a reality by Pompadour Press and is available on their Etsy page for £3.19:


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