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Super Duper Things

I wanted to introduce you all to lovely brand today: Super Duper Things How gorgeous are these designs?! Louise Evans is a London based graphic designer and illustrator and has an etsy shop selling her prints, and notebooks. I absolutely love Louise’s colour palette – lots of beautiful, fresh pastels, with copper accents. Dreamy. This… Read more »


Before I start this post I just wanted to say that I think it will sound like an advert, but it’s not… I just really like this brand. Normally I’m quite anti these personalised card websites (Moonpig, funky pigeon etc.), but Papier seems different (if you’re unfamiliar with the concept, these websites allow you to… Read more »

Favourite Instagram Accounts: @lucy_mail

If, like me, you’re quite a visual person, you’ll spend a lot of your time on Instagram. It’s definitely my favourite of all the the social networks. For that reason, I thought over the next few weeks (or maybe longer), I’ll start sharing some of my favourite stationery related accounts to follow. The first is a… Read more »

Kickstarter: Mr Bingo’s Hate Mail Book

This wasn’t what I was planning to post today but I saw it a couple of days ago and thought it’s SO good, and actually kind of connected to Monday’s The Importance of a Handwritten Letter post.  So, there’s going to be a lot of bad language in this post so if you get offended… Read more »

Waking, Waiting, Walking Notebooks

I really like the concept of this notebook set by American artist Nathaniel Russell and Plumb Goods. The Waking, Waiting, Walking notebooks each have a different purpose. As the names suggest, waking is for recording your dreams, walking is for sketching the world, and waiting for filling time. It also comes with a little pull… Read more »

What’s In Your Pencil Case? Tom Lane

Tom Lane is a typographic illustrator and runs Ginger Monkey Design. He does really incredible work, like this: He uses stationery a lot for his work so seemed like a perfect candidate for What’s In Your Pencil Case? Tell me about how you use stationery in your day to day life? Everything I design pretty… Read more »

Best Easter Cards 2015

Having let Mother’s Day completely pass me buy (on the blog I mean… Don’t worry, I didn’t forget my own mum!), I thought I’d get in there with a round up of my favourite Easter cards in good time. Basically, prepare yourself for lots of bunnies and chickens. Starting with these classy designs by the… Read more »