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Mark’s W Note Sticky Roll

I don’t think I’ve disliked anything I’ve tried by Japanese brand Mark’s. They don’t seem to be super well known but they consistently make great products. I especially like their ballpoint pens. When Bureau Direct sent me the Diamine Shimmer Samples recently, they also through in a W-Note set. It seems like Mark’s often re-invent… Read more »

Bureau Direct June Haul Part 2: J. Herbin Rollerball

It didn’t occur to me that you could put normal ink into rollerball pens, but that’s the exciting thing about the J.Herbin rollerball. You can choose which colour you want to use, as you would a fountain pen, and change it whenever you like. To go with my rollerball, I got some J. Herbin ink… Read more »

Bureau Direct June Haul Part 1: Clips Ahoy!

As soon as I saw both of these sets of clips in Bureau Direct’s Stationery Wednesday newsletter a couple of weeks ago, I knew I had to choose them for my June haul. Both are Japanese, and both are very useful. How cute are these?! And very functional too. The OHTO Smile Slide Clippers are… Read more »

Leuchtturm 1917 A5 Lined Notebook Review

This notebook was my prize selection from last month’s Bureau Direct Haul. I’ve noticed a bit of a Leuchtturm 1917 notebook trend going around different teams at work, and I’ve wanted one for ages but not needed a new work notebook. My May Bureau Direct order came at a perfect time to justify finally getting one…. Read more »

Bureau Direct Haul: May

Hello! How’ve you been? After a week off, I’m back. Perhaps not with a bang. But feeling rested and remembering why I started this blog in the first place. So this seems like a good time to share something positive. After going to visit Bureau Direct at their offices/warehouse a couple of months ago, we’ve… Read more »