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What I Learned When I Forgot to Renew My Web Hosting

I’m going to take a slight foray out of stationery today for a blogger’s cautionary tale… When it came time to renew my web hosting last year I had thought ‘there must be a better/cheaper way of doing this’ – I was using GoDaddy and their WordPress web hosting package. I made a vague mental… Read more »


It’s taken me a week to digest! But I think I’m ready to write about my Blogtacular experience. I’m just going to talk you through my day… FRIDAY NIGHT DINNER Blogtacular organised an informal dinner at ChaCha Moon the night before, which I thought would be a nice ice breaker, and I’m so glad I… Read more »

On taking a step back…

I decided last night, that after making myself feel guilty all weekend because I haven’t set up this week’s blogs, that actually, it doesn’t matter. And I should have a few days off. I mean, I’m failing at that clearly, as here I am blogging, but on a different subject matter; on taking a step… Read more »

How do I plan my week? Seeso Graphics Weekly Planner

Before this year I didn’t really plan my weekly blog work, I’d just jot down the odd thing in my notebook and take it as it comes. Then in January I bought a planner notebook in the sale at Harrods at thought I’d give it a go. It’s the Another Project weekly planner by Korean… Read more »