Shop Visit: RSVP Berlin (No. 2)

When I went to the original RSVP shop in Berlin in November, they were just that day opening a new shop across the street. It wasn’t opening until later that evening, and although they invited us to pop into the opening, we had plans with friends so couldn’t make it. Although I could see through the window that it looked great – and colourful!


After I wrote about the shop, the owner, Meike, got in touch to tell me more about the new shop, and sent some lovely pictures.


In Meike’s words “The new store focuses on wrapping and storing. We have wrapping paper, ribbons, boxes (even Japanese lunch boxes), envelopes, paper bags, sticky tapes, hang tags, gift cards, stamps and desk organizers”.


I REALLY like the look of this one. I’m going to have to go back to Berlin soon, aren’t I…?

The address of the new store is Mulackstrasse 26, and the photos are by Pascal Rohé.

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