This was one of the shops I was looking forward to visiting the most in Berlin, and it didn’t disappoint. Located in the Mitte area, Luiban Papeterie is a neat and quiet shop with a great selection of stationery.


My favourite thing in the shop was this brilliant way of displaying envelopes (left). It’s a really bright and colourful shop… Very inviting!


As well as floor to ceiling shelves of notebooks, pens and pencils, and lots of lovely greetings cards (plenty of letterpress), there are a couple of cabinets (perhaps old specimen cabinets?) displaying goods. The one in the middle of the shop has a bit selection of tiny items, all of which really intrigued me!

So, what did I buy:


If I’m completely honest, I bought this pencil only based on the fact that it’s my favourite colour… But actually, it’s also introduced me to Craft Design Technology, who I’d never heard of before. ¬†They’re a Japanese company who aim to use – wait for it – craft, design and technology to make everyday items. Everything has a number, and these pencils are No. 17.


And I couldn’t help myself but buy a little goody bag of items from the big table. It’s a bit like the pick’n’mix of the stationery world. I can’t remember exact prices but all between about 10 and 50 cents.

From top left clockwise:
Pink cap eraser (to go on the end of a pencil)
Brass book dart (page marker)
Pencil cap
Copper book dart (page marker)
Clipiola paper clip
OHTO slide clipper (can hold up to 30 sheet of paper)