Shop Small // Start Early! GIFT GUIDE No. 1

Is this thing still on?!

I barely remember how to blog… BUT this feels like a good reason to re-learn. You may have heard lots of businesses, especially small ones, talking about the importance of not leaving all your Christmas shopping to the last minute this year. More than ever the postal service will be overstretched and unpredictable this year and this will put particular pressure on small businesses. Penny at Little Nell (who sells GORGEOUS jewellery and accessories) started a “Shop Small Start Early” campaign to encourage everyone to plan ahead and I’m here to jump on board! Not least to give myself a kick up the bum to start at least…

Now, I normally have a rule about not mentioning the C word until at least Mid-November, but that’s probably why I’m such a terrible business person. So this year I’m embracing the gift giving season early and thought I’d pull together a few gift guides to help you navigate The Stationer, starting with…


Gifts for your most civilised of pals

The most beautiful hard backed A5 notebook by Danish company, Kartotek, £23. Also comes in green.
We stock quite a few Kaweco Sport Fountain pens, £20.50, but I think this gold/bordeaux red is the classiest combo. Comes in Fine or Medium nib.
I find this pencil set quite irresistible. 6 pencils with a variety of leads, including a carpenters pencil, by British brand Katie Leamon, £15.
The attention to detail put into Mark + Fold notebooks is second to none. Only the best quality paper, binding and design, £28.
An absolute classic, this Midori Brass Bullet Pencil, £21, keeps your pencils sharp inside your bag/pocket.
And speaking of pockets, this A6 notebook, £11, again from Kartotek, is so lovely and has very cool binding (click through to see pictures).

That’s it for now! I will put together a couple more of these – do let me know if there’s any area in particular you’d like to see – I’m thinking cheap ‘n’ cheerful/stocking fillers, and something for design lovers maybe.

Thanks so much for your support in this crazy year!

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