Sharpeners Galore! Topcolor Sharpeners

Topcolor Sharpeners

My mum randomly sent me a link to the Topcolors Sharpeners a while back and I’ve been meaning to put an order in and post about it for ages. Last week I remembered to put in a order and I’m so glad I did. It’s basically got all the sharpeners you could ever want, and lots of them come with spare blades which I’ve never seen before and is a really great touch.

I’m going to start by saying that I’ve not tried any of these out yet and will get reviews up on each as soon as I have. Here’s what I chose:

Topcolor Sharpeners3
The Kum Blue Longpointer, £4.75. This is a very popular choice and as the same might suggest, it creates a long point!

Topcolor Sharpeners2
Not the *best* looking ever but reasonably priced, neat, and holds the sharpenings inside.

Topcolor Sharpeners4
Next, the Dux Variable, £12.95. That might seem like quite a lot to spend on a sharpener, but this one a pretty luxury. It has it’s own LEATHER CASE – need I say more?! And comes with spare blades, in a little branded case. Amazing.

Topcolor Sharpeners5
I’m so curious about those 3 different settings too – can’t wait to try it out!

Topcolor Sharpeners6
And finally, the M+R Grenade, £3.45. This is a classic design and I already use my M+R Nugget ALL the time so I’m expecting good things.

The customer service is brilliant too. Paddy was in touch with a personal email after I placed the order and let me know when it would be posted. Just to be clear I paid for these products myself, I’m just so pleased to find a lovely, small (in fact, I think it might be a one man show), British company doing a great job. You can check out their full range here.


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