Review: Say Nice Things Journal

How lovely is this pastel geometric design? So pretty. Say Nice Things are a UK based company selling notebooks and journals, and they are very proudly designed and manufactured in the UK. This has been on my to-review pile for such a long time – which is completely a reflection on me, not the notebook! When Say Nice Things got in touch what really struck me was the story behind the company. You can read Jill’s story here, but in short she had a heart attack, aged 50, and started journalling. She says that at this time journalling saved her life. From a personal perspective, this resonated with the feelings I had around finding my mum’s sort-of life journal after she died last year. I wrote about this at the time here (I can’t really bear to read it back now myself, but I know it was pretty raw).

ANYWAY, back to lovely things. When Say Nice Things asked if I’d like to try one of their items, I chose the Crystal A5 Journal. It has a soft, flexible cover, with an elastic fastening.

What I like about this journal is that it’s clearly designed for busy people, with lots going on. There are these different sections, with a sort of index page at the front. But equally, if you don’t need the sections, it’s easy enough to ignore as the design isn’t too intrusive.

Sections 1-4 are lined, section 5 is half plain, half pattern, and section 6 is monthly planner pages. The pattern pages are interesting – they are the same pattern at the journal cover and I assume are to encourage doodling. I’m not sure I’d end up filling these pages, it might be more useful just to have a whole plain section. But maybe I’m wrong, I can imagine filling in the shapes whilst thinking…
There’s also some bonus lined pages at the back too.

Also in the back is a card pouch, always a favourite feature of mine. You never know when you’re going to need to stash leaflets or business cards.

The paper is not the heaviest, at 90gsm. For this reason I was a little worried about how it was fare but actually it’s fine. The only pen it had any trouble with was the flex nib fountain pen, which feathered and bled through to the other side. But that’s very normal. The lines are fairly thin, so perhaps not for everyone, but as someone with small handwriting I really like it. The lay-flat binding is great. There are lots of thoughtful features in this journal that make me think a lot of care has gone into the design.

You can get one directly from Say Nice Things – notebook are £12.50 and journals are £25.

Please note I was sent this journal for free but all views are my own.

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