Quill London + StudioSarah

When I saw last week that Quill London and StudioSarah have teamed up to make personalised notebooks, I was excited enough to tweet about this dreamy union! Little did I know that waiting for me at my old house (where I popped back to grab some things this weekend) was my very own monogrammed notebook!

Quill + Studio Sarah
Black and gold. Cool as hell, right?! It’s the classic lined exercise book style notebook by StudioSarah, with the interesting folded up corner look (I realise now I don’t have a picture of this feature, but you can see it on the Quill London website). They also come in pink, in your more that way inclined.

Quill + Studio Sarah2

I think these would make the PERFECT gift. Or a gift for yourself, of course… Is there anything more exciting than having your name/initials on your stationery? You can get hold of one here, for £19. They also come in a lovely, also monogrammed, string and washer envelope, which is a great bonus.

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