I recently featured some Ohh Deer products, if you remember. They then offered to send me one of their new subscription boxes. It’s called Papergang, it costs a tenner (£9.95 to be precise) and is delivered once a month.

Papergang 2
They popped in this cute postcard with my box, which whilst I found mildly amusing, my husband fully lost his mind at!

Papergang 3
And here’s what’s inside… To be fair it was a bit neater than this first time but I was too inpatient and couldn’t wait until I was taking photos to have a sneak peek. It comes with an iron-on patch of “Drew” – I’m not sure I’d wear this on my clothes but I’ll certainly stick it on the wall.

Papergang 4
This tear-off notepad is RIGHT up my street, especially the colours, and will be a good one to sit on the desk.

Papergang 5
You also get a couple of cards. I’m all for stashing cards as you always seem to need them at the last minute. It’s quite good to have some back up “boy cards” (like the ninja-tutles one) and out of habit I always pick up pretty things and then am a bit stumped when grabbing a card from the house for a male friend. Not that I want to stereotype, mind.

Papergang 6
It also came with a couple of prints. I have a bit of a problem with prints that I always treat them as way too precious and never end up getting them on the wall. I have the intention of getting everything framed but they just end up sat in cardboard tubes sitting in the corner, gathering dust. I like this idea of inexpensive prints. I’ll put these on my office wall, stuck up with washi tape. It’s a great way to change up the feel of a room without spending too much or having to frame them.

Papergang 7
And so there’s no waste, the packaging doubles as a cut-out-and-make deer, just because.

I like this box. It’s inexpensive (not cheap) compared to other subscription boxes and I think for less than £10 you get a selection of nice/silly things to either brighten your desk or give away as gifts. You can subscribe here. Oooh, I also just noticed they have a really good chocolate selection!

I was given this box free of charge for the purpose of this post, but all views are my own. 


The comment about having an issue with prints made me laugh…I have a similar issue with gig/album posters which I buy passionately and then remember I live in a small flat so each one joins the rest in cardboard tubes behind the spare room door! One day…

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