Hi guys!

I’m back and I’m married! Mental, eh? But it’s back to bizniz for now and I’d like to share a brilliant bloggers event I went to at Paperchase a couple of weeks ago. It was a chance to get a bit festive and have a sneak peek at the spring summer 2016 ranges. I had a good look around, decorated a tree, drank a bit too much Prosecco and met some other lovely bloggers, like Natasha at Graphique Fantastique.

The event was based at Paperchase’s flagship store on Tottenham Court Road, a.k.a. three floors of stationery and cute gift heaven. First on the agenda was a chance to look around the Spring/Summer 2016 ranges (and take some pictures of course…). A couple of people from the design team took us through the ideas behind the upcoming ranges, which was so interesting. And weird to find out that they are working almost a year ahead of time on designs, so are almost thinking about next Christmas.

My eye went straight to the ‘Get Organised’ range. The brown and copper accents are right up my street. They don’t photograph so well, but everyone in the room seem to make a beeline for this table, so I’m pretty sure other people felt the same as me. Lots of things to aid productivity, make lists, plan your days, and look good too!

There were lots of cute and fun ranges too, in classic Paperchase style. These are obviously less my normal style, but ideal for gift-giving. I love a good pun so these slightly risque notebooks caught my eye,  from the Valentines Day collection.

Along with these cards. These are all out in time for Valentine’s day early next year.

Next up some bits from their Wedding collection. I LOVE these. Not too girly – geometric, a bit of foiling and a great colour scheme.

This card is great too! I guess I had weddings on the brain that night…

This Zebra stapler from the Serengeti range seemed to be the biggest talking point of the event! I’m hoping they’ll bring out an elephant hole-puncher next year…

Keeping with the animal theme, I love these highlighter sets! They have different ones every year – I’ve owned cat ones and bear ones before and I might have to get these tiger ones too!

And finally, the Easter range, featuring this gorgeous bunny. I was also happy to see quite a few of the ranges included the late 90s/early 00s classic – the fluffy pen (see the yellow one in the background here)!

Next up, we were given a challenge – go and spend £25 on Christmas decorations and decorate a mini tree. Here’s my efforts:

The first thing I chose was the pompom wreath (not actually a TREE decoration, but I fell in love), which I think was £10 (sorry, I can’t find it online!), and of the the classic star for the top, which was £2.50. Then, because I got worried it was all getting a bit girly, I went down a bit of a skull theme, with the big pink and turquoise ombre skull, and some smaller, silver clusters of skulls. Again, I can’t find these online so I don’t know the price but they were 3 for 2 and I think were a few pounds each.

I actually just saw these on the website and can’t believe I didn’t find them at the time!!

We then had ANOTHER crafty session – creating paper pinwheels, taught by Things by Laura.

These were slightly tricky to get a hang of, but so satisfying once you have… I can honestly say I’m rarely happier than when slightly tipsy, and doing craft.

Thank you Paperchase for helping to ease me into the Christmas spirit, and for the sneak peek on Spring/Summer 2016! It’s so lovely to see brands working with bloggers in this way and I really enjoyed myself.