I’m starting a new series! It’s called ‘What’s In Your Pencil Case?’ and once a month I’ll be asking artists/designers/bloggers/cool people about the stationery tools that allow them to make their work. I’ll also be asking each person to provide a picture, in any form, of their pencil case/desk. First up, I’m super excited to… Read more »

Great Ideas #3: Q-Pins

I must say when the folks at Q-Pins got in touch with my I was a little sceptical… Their product is push pins that don’t pierce the paper. It obviously sounds like a great idea but I wondered if it could be executed well. But I though, hey, sure, worth seeing what they came up… Read more »

Josh King: Speed Drawing

I stumbled upon Josh King the other day and discovered he is brilliant, and hilarious. He did a project called Speed Drawing, in which he turned matches into pencils because, as he simply states, “They reduce hesitation and increase danger when drawing.” So there you go. Very silly, but it tickled me. Also, you should… Read more »

Shop Visit: Delfonics, Paris

The next shop I visited on my trip to Paris was Delfonics. It’s a Japanese company who have several stores in Japan and then one in Paris, in the mall beneath the Louvre. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t let me take pictures inside the shop, but luckily it’s got a big glass front! It’s a really lovely… Read more »

Review: Palomino Blackwing Pearl

I hadn’t come across anywhere selling singles of the Palomino Blackwing Pearl pencil before going to the new National Theatre Bookshop, and I didn’t want to buy a 12 pack so I hadn’t tried it… Until now! The Blackwing Pearl was made to sit between the 2 previous models, so firmer than the original Blackwing… Read more »


I was recently made aware of kukka products, by British/Israeli designer Rona Meyuchas K. They do lovely homewares, including some gorgeous lamps, but of course what interested me most is their 2 stationery products. The Balata Ruler I think these are really cool! They’re made from reclaimed flooring material and the speckled finish reminds me of… Read more »

Shop Visit: Papier Tigre, Paris

On my recent trip to Paris, I did a good stationery shop crawl. This is the first of a few posts I’ll be making over the next few weeks about the stores I visited. First up, is Papier Tigre. It’s a really beautiful shop, which great, design led stationery. The prices are fairly high, but they… Read more »

A stationery themed proposal…

This isn’t the usual thing I’d share on this blog, but I thought a few of you may appreciate it, so here I go… On Friday morning, my boyfriend said he’d been allowed to go into work late (as he’d worked late the night before) and asked if I would like to join him for breakfast… Read more »

Google Doodle

I’m sure everyone’s seen this, but just in case not, today’s Google Doodle was pretty cool! You can check out the short film here. It’s in aid of Christopher Wren’s 382nd birthday, the architect most famous for St. Paul’s Cathedral.

(New) National Theatre Bookshop Visit

I’ve posted before about visiting the National Theatre Bookshop, when it was in its temporary home earlier this year. It’s now re-opened in its permanent home and it looks GREAT! It does feel as bit as though they’ve gone into my brain and chosen all my dream things… Along with a great selection of books… Read more »