P-Push it real good: a push pin post

This post was inspired by this cork globe:

Cork Globe by Suck UK

It was designed by Chiaki Kawakami for Suck UK and can be used as both a globe to document your travels on, or as a normal pin board.
This got me thinking about push pins, and here are some of the best ones I found:

Number pins from Present & Correct

Vintage Spanish Pins from Present & Correct

Fabric covered push pins by Hollie Lollie at Not On The High Street

Nessie Push Pins from Suck UK

These are fun! And actually designed by Duncan Shotton, who went to my uni and did design with my boyfriend.

Feline Faces Push pIns by Thread Merchant at Etsy

These last ones are actually magnets but can be made as push pins. I think, if I honest, they’re quite creepy looking cats (weirdly human faces??), but I still like them…

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