On taking a step back…

Taking a break

I decided last night, that after making myself feel guilty all weekend because I haven’t set up this week’s blogs, that actually, it doesn’t matter. And I should have a few days off. I mean, I’m failing at that clearly, as here I am blogging, but on a different subject matter; on taking a step back from blogging.

I’ve been doing this for about a year and a half now, and it’s changed a lot since then – my pictures are certainly better for a start! And I’ve realised I much prefer the visual side of things, so I’m trying to concentrate on that. But another thing that’s changed is the pressure I put on myself. I’ve set a schedule for myself; I do 3 posts a week, and a weekly newsletter. Sometimes I fail at this and only do 2 posts, but for pretty much the last year and a half I’ve done that every week. And what for? This is the question I’ve been asking myself recently. It’s a busy year for me; I’m getting married, I’m about to move house and start the long process of renovating somewhere. Even if I’m not busy doing things connected to these tasks, it’s still lots to have on your mind, let alone my day job and piling extra pressure on myself about blogging.

I try to keep things not too personal on here, I tell myself to be as professional as possible. But today I’ve been wondering why? Surely it’s ok to be honest occasionally, I certainly react best when other bloggers speak their minds. Also, who am I answering to? Only myself! No one pays me to do this (not yet at least… a girl can dream). I’ve chosen a niche, and not particularly wealthy, industry to blog about, plus I’m not very good at shouting about what I’m good at, and putting (monetary) value on my own time.

As bloggers, we’re told to keep to our schedule and if we’re taking a break for a holiday or whatever other reason, to line up posts so that your blog isn’t silent. Again, why? In your day job it’s fine to pop your out of office on once in a while. Well this is my equivalent. I’ve been struggling to get myself to write posts at the moment, and that must be a symptom of needing a rest.

I’m not by any means suggesting quitting, not at all. This is just me having slightly public crisis of confidence. Why am I doing this? Does anyone even care? Would anyone miss All Things Stationery if it didn’t exist? Etc. etc.

Other bloggers – do you feel like this? I’m going to Blogtacular in a couple of weeks and I think it’s coming at the best possible time. A chance to meet people doing exactly what I’m doing – sometimes blogging is a pretty lonely business!

I’ve been thinking about writing this all day, and sorry that it’s a bit of a stream of consciousness. I knew it would end up being a ramble! I’d love to know if anyone else feels like this, do let me know. And I’ll be back on Monday. Hopefully refreshed and feeling more myself!

Thank you for your patience,
Tessa x

P.S. In case anyone is eagle-eyed enough to notice, yes, I am drinking wine out of one of those glasses that French mustard comes in (this one is TinTin themed), because I’m a grown up.


don’t put yourself under pressure!
blogs like these should be fun, not stress.
I am looking forward to the next post, be it next monday or end of june. as I am following you via RSS, I will stay tuned. 🙂

Posted 6 years ago by viola Reply

    You’re very right Viola – what’s the point if it’s not fun! Thank you, that’s lovely to hear x

Definitely don’t feel guilty, I did the same thing a month or so ago. The guilt we’re made to feel about ‘maintaining our platform’ is insane, especially when you think we’re supposedly doing stuff for fun.
Enjoy the downtime. It will all still be waiting when you get back, trust me 🙂

Posted 6 years ago by Sherri Reply

    Thanks Sherri! Great advice x

I’ve definitely been there. In fact I think I’m there right now! And I’m going to Blogtacular too *waves* and I’m having all kinds of feelings about not being legit enough to go, or a proper blogger, or whatever. My blog has gone through so many waves of activity and inactivity over the years. I found my voice, then my purpose changed and so my voice changed. Lather, rinse, repeat. I do think it’s much harder now, when there are so many “rules for blogging” floating around. The truth is it’s different for each blog, and to be honest, because I use feedly, if people don’t post, I don’t stop following them, I just see their posts when they come back.

Posted 6 years ago by Kelly Reply

    Hi Kelly, that’s good to know I’m not alone! That’s so true about “the rules”. I don’t judge other people for not always following them, so I don’t know why I put so much pressure on myself! Hope we get to chat at Blogtacular! x

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