Ohh Deer, Ohh Deer!

Ohh Deer
I blogged about Ohh Deer in my very early days of blogging (I won’t link to it, I was pretty bad back then!) with a bit of a wish list. Well now my wish came true! Ohh Deer sent me a few bits to share with you guys. Some I chose, and some is stuff they wanted to highlight.

Ohh Deer2Ohh Deer3
Stop Procrastinating Pencils, set of 6, £8.95.

I’m a bit of a pencil snob so I probably wouldn’t normally go for this sort of thing but this is a really fun set  I like the simplicity of the natural wood pencils, with the subtle gold foil messages that can be the kick up the bum you need when you’re putting off your work!

Ohh Deer4
Left to right: Navy Exercise Book (out of stock) £2.95,  Geo A4ish Notebook, £4.95, Urban Outfitters Blue Agate A4ish Notebook, £2.95 (on sale).

I chose the exercise book on the left because the feeling on starting a new exercise book at school has never quite left me and this is a good modern take on the classic. This one has blank pages on the left and lined on the right (see below).

Ohh Deer5
The other two are very similar, A4 (ish) lined notebooks, one with a geometric graphic cover and the other – a collaboration with Urban Outfitters – has this incredible Agate rock print cover  I love this so much (I wanted to be a geologist “when I grew up”). I think these are really reasonably priced and would be perfect for school/college – lots of room to scribble down ideas and not too heavy to carry around all day.

Ohh Deer6
Dancing Pug Tape, £4.50.

This was on my original wish list, if memory serves correct. This dancing pug illustration by Gemma Correll is the best. Just to be clear, this isn’t washi tape, it’s more like sellotape/parcel tape and you get a pretty big roll for your money.

Ohh Deer7
Gold Scallop Pattern Tape, £4.50.

It’s no secret that I’m pretty obsessed with a scalloped edge so I had to choose this tape by Meri Meri. This will make any gift wrapping look classy. Worth noting that you have to be a bit careful when unpeeling the tape as the foil can get pulled off by the adhesive but if you go slow, it’s fine. It must be pretty difficult to produce a tape with gold foil!

Ohh Deer8Postal Stickers, £4.95 for 3 sheets.

And finally these postal stickers. These are a great idea! Ideal for jazzing up any parcels you need to send. I like the variety here although it can be a bit hit and miss… I’m don’t think I’m particularly prudish but I can’t imagine when I’d need to send post with a sticker saying “Boo. You whore” on it. But maybe that’s just me…?! Anyway, apart from those, I think these are pretty cute.

Please note these items were sent to me for the purpose of this post but all opinions are my own. 


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