Ok, well here I go. 2014 starts with a new blog about one of my interests… Stationery!

The best place to start in January is with diaries.

Now, I’ve been completely unorganised (precisely why I need a diary, I suppose), and left it until the last few days in December to order one. It’s winging it’s way here from Japan at the moment (or at least it will be when they’re back form their holidays on 7th Jan) so I really hope it’s worth it.

It’s called the Hobonichi Planner and you can read all about its features here. There are so many things I like about it, in particular the criss-cross lined pages (an obsession of mine, but that’s for another post), as well as the lay-flat binding – don’t know if you’ve every been trying to follow instructions from notes you’ve made without a spare hand and your note book keeps closing itself… I also hope it’ll encourage me to keep more of a journal. There are numerous covers you can buy to go on your planner, but I didn’t order one as I like things quite traditional and think I’ll prefer without – plus it’ll fit better in my bag.

I think I’m pretty late on this one… I only found out about it through my boyfriend who saw it on a design blog. I get the impression it’s a bit of a Japanese institution. I just found this tumblr, with examples of people’s filled out planners – they look amazing! I hope I can do mine justice.

Anyway, I really really hope it doesn’t take too long to arrive – I’ll do a review once it does.

Until then, this is the sad state of my current diary – a post-it stuck in the back on my 2013 one:

It’s not even in date order! I might even have to start using google calendar… 🙁