New Shop Find: Youse

This is a recent instagram find of mine: Youse. They only opened their online store a week ago, but they’re already smashing it, with vintage stationery items like these:

Chinese Vintage Compass, £4

Ostrich Ink, £5

Koh-i-noor pin tin, £6

So nice right?! And really reasonable too!

Check out the rest of the stationery in their “found” section. They also sell lovely pouches in their “made” section, and… Well, I guess the “art” section is pretty self explanatory.

Good luck Youse!


Hi Tessa,
I would just like to add a fun fact about the Koh-i-noor tin. There were actually two companies in the former Czechoslovakia:
Koh-i-noor Hardtmuth (founded by Josef Hardtmuth in Budweis): the one all stationary freaks know (the famous yellow pencil) and
Koh-i-noor Waldes (founded by Jindřich Waldes in Prague): the producer of the “patent fastener” (the right eye of the logo lady) and other sewing necessities like the pins atc…
These two companies have nothing common except the name – they just use the KIN as a (then) trendy name.
Fun fact number two: the KIN Waldes logo is based on the picture of famous Czech painter František Kupka.
More about the Jindřich Waldes here:

Posted 6 years ago by :j Reply

    What BRILLIANT facts – thank you for the Koh-i-Noor education! 🙂

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