Back in September, I happened to be wasting time in Harrods before a dinner when I accidentally bought these pencils. I also saw some lovely items by a Nomess Copenhagen, but was restrained enough not to buy them, thinking I’d look them up and find them somewhere cheaper than the most expensive department store in London. I looked them up and found a few UK stockists, but no where that had the stationery items I’d seen.

Now, I know this is completely pathetic but I just couldn’t get these matte black drawing pins out of my head…Nomess2
So last week I risked temptation and went back to Harrods and got them. I know they’re just drawing pins, but pretty much everything is cooler in matte black right?

While I was at it I also got these paperclips:Nomess3
These are called Owl paperclips, because they look like… owls… a bit.

And this stapler:

I’ve wanted one of these for ages – I love how they look like a happy whale. And I love the neon orange tag, it sets it off beautifully.

So now I’ve got my matte black fix, and it wasn’t too pricey:
Drawing pins: £3.95 per box
Paperclips: £3.95 per box
Stapler: £8.95

You can see Nomess’s other workspace items here.