New Brand Find: MUCU

My boyfriend bought me a really nice little notepad for Christmas – he knows stationery is the way to my heart! (He also bought me Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats which was a TOTAL dream come true and I have wanted for years, but that’s a different story!!!).

As you can see it’s a reporter style flip notepad, secured with a fabric elastic band. When you open up, it’s a ring-bound, grid pad.

I hadn’t heard of the company, MUCU, before, and not a lot came up when I googled it. I found the web address hidden away on the pad so looked them up. Now, surprise, surprise, they’re a super cool stationery company and they’re… you, guessed it!: Japanese! The website seems to take forever to load but it’s worth the wait – even the sounds on the site are really satisfying, have a browse with you’re speakers up. Their products are great, quite plain in a way but they look really like they’re good quality. For some reason these embossed envelopes really do it for me…

I think my boyfriend got it at Present and Correct (a stationery shop in Islington – I haven’t actually been there yet but I look at the website lots – I plan to do a visit and there post about it soon).

I suppose I’d better go and find something to errr… report on then… See ya!


would love to buy mucu, but could not get site to work? any suggestions

Posted 7 years ago by Nancy Chandler Reply

    Hi Nancy, you can try looking at their English site, here: I find the Japanese site to be super slow. Otherwise you could try searching to see if anywhere in your country stocks Mucu notebooks. Good luck!

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