New Brand Find: Lovely Pigeon

I think the first time I saw Lovely Pigeon‘s notebooks was in Smug, but I didn’t know who they were by. It was only once I discovered their Instagram that I found out what their name is, and that the Scottish company make lots of lovely stuff!

Their trademark look is copper foil in geometric shapes:

The notebooks are £4.

And the cards are £2. Pretty nice eh?

Also, I feel strangely like I absolutely NEED this copper tape:

Which is £4.50.

They also have jewellery, screenprints and some really nice vintage homewares on sale on their site.

I’ll be watching this brand closely!


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All Things Stationery always finds the most gorgeous things. Case in point.

    Than you for sharing!

Wow!! These are amazing !!

Oh wow, this is beautiful. How shiny!

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