I was recently made aware of kukka products, by British/Israeli designer Rona Meyuchas K. They do lovely homewares, including some gorgeous lamps, but of course what interested me most is their 2 stationery products.

The Balata Ruler


I think these are really cool! They’re made from reclaimed flooring material and the speckled finish reminds me of concrete (in a good way!). I especially like the white with coloured writing combo (below left). Balata means tile, and the ruler is 20cm wide, the size of a traditional tile. You can find them here for £25.


The Blocks Collection

Based on children’s playing blocks, these are a set of desk organisers that the user can arrange as they please.kukka_2xset blocks__AdiMenahemi_2
I really like this idea. Some of the block have obvious uses, i.e. a block with holes for pencils and a tray the right size for post-its, and others you can decide how to use for yourself. I think it would also be cool to sell the blocks separately so that you can mix and match. As it stands though, you can by the set for £60, here.


I very much look forward to seeing what kukka come up with next!


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