New Brand Find: by | n

Uber cool Japanese design studio Nendo have launched their own stationery line, under their in house brand “by | n”. My boyfriend has always admired their furniture, so he’s had his eye on them for a while and we were excited to see them going down the stationery route, for obvious reasons.

Here are my favourite picks from the collection:

Contrast Ruler

The contrast ruler works so that measurements can be seen if you are using light or dark paper – useful!

Cubic Rubber Band

The Cubic Rubber Band is easy to find in a drawer, would look good on a desk and perfect for holding rolled up paper.

Outline Tray

I think this is really clever actually. As Nendo point out, you don’t often carry around your pot of paperclips from your desk do you? The bottom isn’t really needed, so these little desk tidies (or frames, as they call them) are useful, without using wasted material.

Those are my favourites, but you can see the whole range on the Nendo website. It seems like they were available for international import from April 2014, but after doing some digging, I haven’t actually seen anyone selling them yet…


Is there ANYTHING that Nendo cannot put their minds to? We are huge fans too!

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