My Favourite Stationery Pinterest Boards

Here’s a round up of my favourite stationery Pinterest boards of the moment:

P&C things by Present & Correct
Obviously a no-brainer… Beautiful compositions and lovely colours from one of my favourites.


Ting Jiun Guo
STATIONERY by Ting Jiun Guo
I like her style! Lots of wood and metal, and some fun, colourful stuff too.


Stationery by Dezeen
As you might expect from Dezeen, these are some of the coolest stationery designs out there – not always the most affordable things… But that’s ok!


Jo Coates
Stationery. By Jo Coates
This board is pretty much perfect, I feel like Jo has exactly the same taste as me!


Stationery by MilenQ
Lots of classic designs and muted tones, this is a classy board.


All Things Stationery by… Me!
It would surely be remiss of me not to promote my own board at this point! Featuring only my photos from this blog.

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