Moustache Stationery Unboxing Video

I’ve done another video, haven’t I?! It’s been quite a while. The sound and lighting aren’t the best quality, as I’m not really set up in my new house yet… But I am going to try and do videos more regularly now.

I’ve unboxed last month’s Moustache Stationery subscription box – the theme is black and white.


I will have to check this subscription out, it could also make a nice gift for my gf.

Buckets & Spades

Posted 6 years ago by Matthew Pike Reply

How I found this blog, I don’t know… but this is an awesome site and a great video!

Posted 6 years ago by Tom Reply

Also, what is ‘Moustache Stationery’? I have never heard of this brand.
paper guillotine

Posted 6 years ago by Tom Reply

    It’s a subscription service. So they put together a different box of stationery treats each month and you can get them delivered!

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