Moustache Stationery: Palomino

I realise it’s only been a few weeks since I posted about the last Moustache Stationery box, but I’m trying to get back in sync, so forgive the doubling up. Anyway, this one is worth seeing. I actually said “NO WAY” out loud when I opened this box!

Moustache palomino
It has a whole box of Blackwing Pearls in it – OMG!

Rather than having a theme, as the boxes usually do, this one is all from one brand – Palomino. The guys behind the famous Blackwing Pencils. This excites me greatly!

Moustache palomino4
12 whole Blackwing Pearls. Sitting somewhere between the classic Blackwing and the 602, this is one of my favourite pencils. I’ve only ever had 2 though, one of which I gave away, so I’m very happy to have a full box. Plus these are worth £25 alone (in the UK) so it’s a great value box!

There is also a set of the replaceable erasers too, to fit in the unique ferrule.

Moustache palomino9
Next in the box, a Palomino Blackwing branded Kum Automatic Long Point sharpener. I actually bought an original Kum one of these quite recently, but this means I can have one at work and one at home, which is good. This sharpener works in two stages:

Moustache palomino10
First, you use the “1” hole to sharpen the wood – which leaves the lead looking threaded, like a screw.

Moustache palomino11
Then you use the “2” hole to sharpen the lead. And you’re left with a super long, sharp point. Perfect for these pencils as they’re softer than the HB ones I’m used to so wear down a little faster than normal.

Moustache palomino7
And the final item is a 3 pack of Palomino Flex Notebooks, which are pocket size. These ones all have a small grid too, my favourite. I didn’t actually realise Palomino did notebooks, and I think this box was a good way to showcase other things that the brand makes. These ones are made for them by California Republic.

Moustache palomino6
I tested the products together quickly. The paper is quite smooth but still works well with the pencil. There’s a bit of smudging as you can see above. Using the eraser on the pencil, you can see see the pencil line quite a lot, but I think this is the case with any end-of-pencil eraser. These notebooks have a few little details that I think are seen less in pocket notebooks; a pocket in the back cover, the back few pages are perforated so that you can tear them out with ease. But they should shout about these details! It doesn’t say anything on the packaging, and I only noticed because I was looking closely.

Anyway, a great box. I’m very pleased.

You can sign up for Moustache Stationery’s subscription service here, for $39.95 per month (plus postage for everywhere except USA).


I love these pencils, and I was so thrilled with this month’s box as well! I definitely had to do a double take when I saw the whole box of Palomino Blackwing Pearl pencils, as they are pretty much the only kind I use!

Posted 7 years ago by Zoe Diaz-McLeese Reply

    So good! I think they’re getting better and better!

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