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I’m a bit late on this one but I still wanted to share April’s Moustache Stationery box because it was a really good one!

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The first thing that struck me was the new packaging, with these stationery graphics that I think are on point.

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The content was focussed on giving you everything you need to start a bullet journal. This is really great timing for me as just when my life is starting to feel too disorganised for me to cope, I feel like this is a sign that bullet journaling could be the way to go. I haven’t actually had a chance to start things off yet (ironic?) but I will soon, and I’ll let you know how I get on. If you don’t know, Bullet Journaling is a system developed by Ryder Carroll and you can learn more here. It’s a way of using a notebook to organise all the different aspects of your life in one place. Jenny at The Finer Point has been testing it out and wrote a brilliant introduction post, and then a follow up on improvements for June. Jenny’s set up is definitely something for me to aspire to!

So what’s inside….

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A Leuchtturm 1917 notebook – yes! I recently finished my first ever one of these so was actually planning to buy another. This one is in dot grid, which I think will work well for bullet journaling, where it’s good to have a bit more flexibility in the page structure. Also, a stripy washi tape, which is great for sectioning off parts of pages in your journal. This tape is a slightly waxier paper than I’m used to but it still tears well so I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

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Next up, a Kaweco Skyline Sport Fountain Pen! Anyone that knows me knows this is my guy. My everyday pen. And now I have 2! It’s a simple, small fountain pen – perfect for note taking, and from experience works brilliantly with the Leuchtturm 1917 paper.

Also included are these small polaroid style calendars, which are meant for sticking in your journal. Very handy for easily checking dates for the month. They each have pictures of Canada on them (where Moustache Stationery are now based). I like to think I’ll draw up my own monthly calendars but if I don’t have time, it’s good to know I have these.

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And finally, a pack of Stabilo Fineliners in neon colours. These are a real pencil case staple, but do you know what? I’ve never owned any! I always admire the big packs with ALL the colours but have never really had a reason to buy them. I think these will be a great introduction.

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They are 0.4mm fineliners. In terms of bullet journaling, these will be super useful for highlighting and underlining etc.

In case you can’t tell already, I’m really impressed with this box. I feel like Moustache Stationery were losing their way a little, but they’re really pulling it out of the bag now. I would genuinely buy all the items in this box, which I haven’t been able to say before. Of course, with a subscription box I certainly don’t expect that to always be the case, and the point of them is to try new things, but it is nice when it perfectly suits your taste.

You can subscribe to Moustache Stationery here. Prices start at $29.99 per month (with a prepaid subscription), and they do sneak peeks of items so you can skip boxes if they don’t look like your thing.

Anyway, I’ll let you know when I get my act together enough to start bullet journaling!

I was sent this box  by Moustache Stationery free of charge but all views are, of course, my own. 


Thanks for the great review! Glad to know you enjoyed it and find the items useful.

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Sounds wonderful 🙂

Nikki-ann @

Posted 6 years ago by Nikki-ann Reply

Great review, and stationary. My favourite piece of stationary equipment is definitely my whiteboard, I couldn’t live without it.

Posted 6 years ago by Jasmine Reply

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