Moustache Stationery Blogging

Dear reader, I’ve been cheating on you… I’ve been moonlighting over at the Moustache Stationery blog, providing a bit of content for those guys. In case you’re interested, here’s a round up of what I’ve been writing about over the last month.

Why Do We Love Stationery?
Why Do We Love Stationery So Much?
I pondered why we’re all so obsessed with stationery (and let’s face it, if you’re reading this, you probably are…!)

Pilot Petit
Pilot Petit 1 Fountain Pen Review
As a previous Moustache Stationery subscription box offering, I thought this great little pen was a perfect one to review.

Ways To Use Washi Tape 2
6 Ways To Use Washi Tape
I shared a few ways that I use my stacks of washi tape around the house.

Swiss Wood
How To Sharpen Pencils
An oldie but a goodie. An introduction to David Rees and his brilliant pencil sharpening philosophy.


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