London Stationery Show 2016

LSS 2016 4

Reader, I failed! On Monday I said I’d blog every day this week and I only got as far as Wednesday. This week (like all my weeks it seems) ended up being super busy and I’m writing this from a hotel room in Scotland before going to a wedding. I may not have blogged very day but I’ll still get 5 posts up, as promised! Something that did happen this week though is my first Bloggeration (I’m their Stationery editor) column went live. I thought a good place to start was to look at why we all love stationery so  much! I think you guys can probably relate…

LSS 2016
So, back to London Stationery Show. This was my third time attending and although it was lovely to be surrounded by stationery, there wasn’t much I hadn’t seen before. Although at lease this time I didn’t have to explain what a blogger is to anyone!

I wasn’t feeling well and I had a meeting at work to get back to so all in all I only had about half an hour to whizz around the show and check for any new exciting things that caught my eye. I think my favourite stands were the Kaweco one (where I late saw from Desk of Adam’s Twitter that you could make your own pen!), the MT tape one and the Notable Designs on (who distribute loads of great stuff from Iconic to Midori to Blackwing) but they were also all my favourites last year too. Portico Designs also stood out as having some of the best designs.

LSS 2016 2

I think a big part of London Stationery Show is connecting with people and this year I didn’t have much of a chance to do so. I did have plans to meet a few people but this all went out of the window a bit when I realised I had a meeting I couldn’t get out of. Next year I’ll make more time!

I’m also very happy to see that Desk of Adam won the stationery blogger award – congrats Adam!

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