Magic Pencil3

About a month ago my boyfriend came home with a treat in his bag for me and it was a Koh-I-Noor Magic Pencil. It’s not exactly “magic” but it’s a colour pencil, in which the lead has several different colours, and it makes a cool effect.

Magic Pencil4
It’s fun looking too. It’s quite a fat pencil, which kind of makes you feel like a kid when you’re using it, which adds to the pleasure. It also has quite a matte finish, which suits my hand.

Magic Pencil2
A while back (over a year in fact) I shared something from the New York Times which looked at famous artist’s favourite writing instruments, one of which was Milton Glaser, who loves this very pencil. He said: “When you use one, it makes even a simple drawing look complex and difficult, so the client thinks you spent more time on it than you did.” And it’s true! It makes a little doodle look much cooler. Even mine!

Magic Pencil
Ana at Well-Appointed Desk has also been writing about these too recently, and did a good “proper” review, here.

Magic Pencil5
You can get them in the UK for around a couple of pounds each, like at Cult Pens. Harry got it for me at Family Tree, on Exmouth Market.