Kickstarter: The Six Mile Pencil

I saw this this week and really love it:

image 9b small

It’s the Six Mile Pencil, by Sheffield-based designers Lyon & Lyon.

The concept is that the pencils contains 6 miles (or 10km) of graphite and as you sharpen the pencil you can measure how much you’ve written or drawn, or as they say “how far your thoughts have travelled”, which is a pretty nice idea.

And the best thing is that they are proudly made in England, and will be produced in one of the last remaining pencil manufacturers in England, Chambers pencils, a 90 year old family run business.

It’s a project that’s possible to back at a reasonable cost, with rewards starting at £5 for one set of 4 pencils and a small notebook. They are also working on some more exciting rewards, such as teaming up with artist Roanna Wells who will create a piece where she’ll draw for 6 miles, using one of their pencils.

closeup small

Do check out their Kickstarter page, there’s lots more information about the research and development of the project. It’s a great product, I hope they reach their goal!

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