Kickstarter: Sticky Page Markers

Only time for a quick one today but wanted to share the Kickstarter for Duncan Shotton’s brilliant Sticky Page Markers.

The idea is that the sticky notes can be used to bookmark pages, and multiple sticky notes in the same book can build up to create a scene. There are 10 different packs, which you can also mix and match.

I really like the city packs, which come in London, New York, Tokyo and Bejing.

The pledges start from £6 for one pack, so you can back the product without shelling out too much.

He’s had kickstarter success in the past with his Rainbow Pencils, and have produced other cool stationery items like his real boy push pins.

I actually went to university with Duncan, and he did the same course as my boyfriend so I also know he’s a nice guy! Check out the kickstarter and pledge, pledge, pledge! I will be.



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