Kickstarter: Magnetips


Just a quick one from me today – and I’m a bit late to the party with this one… I saw a Kickstarter, via Fast Company, and just thought I’d share it in case anyone hasn’t seen. If you want to get in on though, you’d better be quick as there’s only 3 days to go.

Magnetips are a set of coloured fineliners that have… well… magnetic tips that allow you to stack them in all sorts of different ways and you can make other objects out of them too. I’ll let their video do the talking:

Pretty genius right?! And they’re refillable to no waste when they run out. As you can see they’re already waaaaay past their goal (and stretch goal) but I just wanted to share in case anyone hadn’t seen – especially given that everyone is colouring in at the moment! I hope they’re good quality refillables, they don’t mention that they’re by any particular brand. I guess people will find out when they’re due to be delivered in September.


Now this is super cool! I hadn’t seen this before, seems like endless fun to me.

Buckets & Spades

Posted 6 years ago by Matthew Pike Reply

Magnets AND pens?! These are two of my favourite things. I’m adding these to my wish list right now.

Posted 6 years ago by Alice Collingwood Reply

These pens are garbage. My wife got a set of them for me for my birthday and I just started using them.. every single one is dry.

Posted 6 years ago by Richard Reply

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