Kate Spade Card Set

Kate Spade
A friend of mine (thanks Libby!) gave me this gorgeous Kate Spade All Occasion Card Set as a wedding gift and it’s so lovely I thought I should share it!

Kate Spade2
It comes in a sturdy box (which happens to be pretty close to my favourite colour), and has an index to show the different categories of cards. I think this will become a bit of a life saver in times of last minute card desperation!

Kate Spade3
The cards are all very simple, embossed script on a plain white card, perfect for all tastes, and all with fun envelope liners.

Kate Spade4
Another great detail is the extra writing on the back on the envelope – like this!

Kate Spade5
Here’s another example, black writing, with a purple envelope liner.

Kate Spade6
And the very cute note on the envelope.

So in case anyone is still struggling with last minute gift ideas – I think a card set like this would go down well with lots of people! I haven’t looked up how much it is, because that would be rude, but I’m sure it’s easily google-able if you’re interested in finding it!

This will be my last post before the holidays, so I’m wishing you a very Merry Christmas!


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