Inside the beautiful blue box…

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I probably feel about seeing this box how other girls feel about a Mulberry shopping bag, or a Louboutin box (not that I’m completely adverse to that though, to be fair). This little blue box promises stationery luxury… Smythson, for the uninitiated, is a classic British leatherwear brand, specialising in handbags and leather notebooks since 1887.

A package arrived for me just before my 30th birthday a few weeks ago. I kept it aside to open on my birthday morning in case it was a gift and sure enough, it was!

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A Smythson pocket notebook from my lovely friend Jo (thanks Jo!). And if you know anything about me, my 2 biggest passions are stationery and cats, so this really couldn’t be more perfect.

Cat's Whiskers
From the navy leather to the beautiful gold foiling, these notebooks are perfect.

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Inside is their pale blue featherweight paper. The kind that makes you think “yes, you’re right, white paper is terribly uncouth. I prefer something a little easier on the eye”.

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And the edges are gilded. Just because of fanciness.

This isn’t actually the first one of these I have been given – a couple of years ago my mother-in-law bought me one too. I wrote about that here. I got that one shortly before Harry proposed to me and I remember vividly us going to a local cocktail bar and sitting down with the notebook to start wedding planning. Now, I just need to find a reason as good as that to crack on with using this one!


Wow, that looks great! I love the fact that it comes boxed like that. How wonderful 🙂

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