As with a lot of brands, I first saw “i am a” on their Instagram. They got in touch to ask if they could send me some samples, and of course I said yes, as their stuff looks so cute! Their tag line is “we make you smile” and as soon as I picked the package up from the post office I was grinning from ear to ear!


Firstly, it was in a pink, metallic bubble envelope with a big smiley sticker, and then when I got inside that it was packed in the most adorable box! And here’s what was in that box:

Happy Thoughts Notebook Set, these come in packs of three and each is based on a saying around a colour. You can get a book each for £5.50 or 3 packs for £14.50. These are made in Sussex, England.


Yellow Brick Road, Once in the Blue Moon and so on… They have plain paper for notes and doodles. I love that they remind me of primary school books 🙂

I think this pencil set is such a great idea! I was a bit confused about them first, until I read the ring that holds them together:

It says: Unlock The Morse Code. Once I saw this, I realised that each pencil had a word on one side and if you turn it over, it shows the morse code. Pretty cool! They also have other sets with cockney rhyming slang, tube stations, biscuits and more. Each set is £12 for 6, or £14.50 if you include the matching ring (like above), which can double up as a pendant for a necklace.

The last couple of items aren’t exactly stationery, but they are still great!


I love this tote bag! And pinned on are some lovely badges:


T is for Tooth – and Tessa!

Everything I was sent also comes as a giftpack, which you can get personalised for £42.

Thank you so much to i am a for providing me with these products for the purpose of this post. I think your products are so much fun, and your positive attitude is something to be admired!