Before this year I didn’t really plan my weekly blog work, I’d just jot down the odd thing in my notebook and take it as it comes. Then in January I bought a planner notebook in the sale at Harrods at thought I’d give it a go.

another project

It’s the Another Project weekly planner by Korean brand Seeso Graphics. The picture above isn’t mine as the book has a shiny cover which is really difficult to photograph! So here’s one from Seeso Graphics’s Flickr page. I have the blue version.

another project2

It has a yearly planner page, and also monthly planner pages. I don’t actually use these pages, which is a bit of a waste, but what can you do… And the weekly planner pages look like this:

another project3

So every Friday I try to plan the following week, and then work out what research I need to do or photos I need to take to get all my posts done.

another project4

The thing I like best about the planner is that at the back there are several different kinds of paper. This means I have different sections for different things; lists of future posts, products I want to try, sections for projects etc. I’ve used this every week without fail (which for me is pretty good). The only thing that puts me off about this product at all is the plastic cover. It makes it feel a bit like a library book-ish, but at the same time, it also mean you can carry it around and it stays protected. Plus I could just take it off if it REALLY bothered me.

another poject5

So here’s my working set up… Well, it’s probably a bit tidier than normal, but you get the gist. In fact, thinking about it now, if I lost this book I’d be in trouble! It’s got all my ideas and plans in it!

I’ve done a bit of research and I can’t seem to find it easily available for sale… If you’re good at Korean, you can check out Seeso Graphic’s website. As I said I got it from Harrods, for £10.95 in the sale. I’m pretty sure this was about half price, and I think this was only because one of the index stickers that come with the book said 2014 on it. This one will last me over a year, but even if I can’t find it again, I’ll definitely carry on using a weekly planner.

Do any of you have a weekly planner you’d recommend?