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As you may know, I’ve used the Hobonichi Techo for the last 2 years. In fact I don’t think I would have started this blog if I hadn’t got my first one in 2014. I’ve really enjoyed using them but I just don’t think I use them to their full potential. I’m not super artistic and can’t decorate them as beautifully as I see others do on Instagram, and I’m not much of a writer so I never fill up the pages and then feel sad that it’s a waste.

For 2016, I knew it was time for a change from the Original Planner, but I still wanted to get a Hobonichi as I love the brand. They also make the Cousin, which is also page-per-day and is the bigger than the original, and the Weeks, which has a week-per-page (as the name suggests). I thought this smaller size could be just right for me so I put my order in. It’s slightly annoying that I’ve changed my mind, just as the original Techo is becoming much more available in the UK, with places like Pocket Notebooks selling it, but I can’t help that… Besides, getting post from Japan is always exciting!

Hobonichi16 2
The thing I should mentioned about the Weeks version is that it’s only available in  Japanese (you can get the original is Japanese or English). Now, I don’t speak Japanese but I think it’ll be ok… the months, days and numbers are also written in English so I can use it as a diary with no problems.

Anyway, it arrived in the classic Hobonichi packaging – I always love the boxes and this year’s colour is marvellous! These are the bits that came inside.

Hobonichi16 3
A Life Book, which I think is a leaflet about Hobonichi, but to be honest I’ve got no idea, a Railway Map – hopefully will come in handy when I eventually get myself to Japan (a girl can dream!) – and a multi-pen which reminds me of school.

Hobonichi16 4
The Weeks is slightly different to the other Techos in that rather than having a plain cover but multiple cases to choose from, this one has multiple covers to choose from instead. I went for black-on-black polka dots. Classy and cool. It was actually out of stock when I first went to order it but it didn’t take long to come in again.

Hobonichi16 5
And inside – it starts as the original techo does with monthly grids and then moves on to the weekly pages. These have the seven days running down the left hand side and a page for notes on the right hand size.

Hobonichi16 6
What else is exciting about the Weeks planner is that it is actually half diary, half notebook and has 71 note pages! I didn’t actually realise this before it arrived. Very useful!

Hobonichi16 7
And as with all Hobonichis there’s interesting/useful facts in the back, the drawback here being that I can’t read them. Cute illustrations though!

First impressions… It’s a bit bigger than I thought it would be. I thought it would be more pocket notebook size, but it’s a bit bigger than that. In hindsight, I should have taken a picture of them next to each other, but didn’t think until now. But as an idea, the Weeks is about 3.5cm longer, 1cm narrower and about half the width of the Original. But I do think it will suit me much better.

So watch this space, I’ll do an update in a couple of months!


I love the Hobonichi diary, and I’ve been itching to get one! There aren’t any stores near me in the US that sell them, except for Jetpens.com, but I don’t want to buy my first one online. I’m going to Japan in the spring, so I’m planning on buying one when I’m there!

Posted 6 years ago by Zoe Reply

    Ahh great – I’m sure you’ll love it! So jealous that you’re going to Japan!

I bought the same Hobonichi diary for my friend as a gift. I was swaying over the pattern but the black dots seemed like a good choice and she loved it. I’m also using a Hobonichi diary for the first time this year and I think it’s great! I bought the English version, the Hobonichi A6 Planner and it’s really lovely to use. I really like all the little quotes in it as well.

If you need help with translating anything in your diary let me know, I live in Tokyo now (I’m originally from Scotland) a stationery haven! I even created a specialised stationery itinerary for people who are coming to Japan! https://www.odigo.travel/trips/5657d1e569702d524a980100

Posted 6 years ago by Kuv Reply

How about an update? I just heard you on the Pen Addict podcast (wonderful episode!), and I thought they should have followed up about which Hobonichi you are using now. I love my Weeks for planning and to do lists. I’ve been using it consistently since December.

Posted 6 years ago by LJD Reply

    This is a great idea, thanks Lisa – I’ll get to it! I’m finding it suits my needs much more too!

did you have to pay import duty when you bought it from Japan? I can’t find a stockist in the UK, the link you posted no longer works and Hobonichi wasn’t in their shop so I guess they stopped selling them 🙁

Posted 6 years ago by penn gregory Reply

    Hello. I’m pretty sure I didn’t have to pay import tax. Like anything though, it’s a gamble. I think I was lucky this time! I often get caught out with things sent to me from the US but both times I’ve bought a Hobonichi from Japan, i’ve been ok. There’s a list of UK stockists on the Hobonichi website.
    It may be too late in the year to get a Techo in the UK though, but if you wait a few months I’m sure places will start stocking 2018 ones. Good luck!

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