Harry’s Old Colouring Pencils

My boyfriend studied design at university and we recently re-found his coloured sketching pencils from our uni days. I thought they looked pretty cool so I’d share a few pictures:

Harry's pencils 2

I love that they’re all different lengths, and all in the wrong order.

Harry's pencils

I love that some colours have been used so much that there are differently branded replacements.

Harry's Pencils 3

And I love that they’ve all been sharpened differently; some have never been sharpened, some using a normal sharpener, and some using a knife.


Goodness I remember using those in Art class. Blast from the past

Posted 6 years ago by Domestic Goddesque Reply

    Ahh nice! It’s always good to have a bit of stationery nostalgia 🙂

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