Grids & Guides Notepads

grids & guides
I love these Grids & Guides Notepads by Princeton Architectual Press. They partner their Grids & Guides Notebook too. As regular readers will know, I always prefer a grid notebook, and there’s something about these other patterns that appeal to me too. Each pad has a useful information bar at the top too; formulas, measurements and the like.

grids & guides2
Although this is where I get frustrated… I just don’t know what I can the ones that aren’t the basic grid for! I’m not scientific or mathematical!

grids & guides3
The traingular pad is good for perspective drawings. It makes it super easy to draw 3D objects – even I managed it! And as someone about to move house and rennovate, this could come in handy.

grids & guides4
I think these would be ideal for the designers, architects and mathematicians in your life… Luckily I live with a designer, who I think can put these to good use!

You can get 3 pads for £10.99 over at Abrams & Chronicle.

Please note, Abrams & Chronicle sent me these notepads for the purpose of this post.


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