Great Ideas #3: Q-Pins

I must say when the folks at Q-Pins got in touch with my I was a little sceptical… Their product is push pins that don’t pierce the paper. It obviously sounds like a great idea but I wondered if it could be executed well. But I though, hey, sure, worth seeing what they came up with.

And actually, I’m really pleasantly surprised! They genuinely work really well.

They come in 2 different packs; ‘Contemporary Multicolor’ and ’Stylist Black & White’. I got the multicolor set. They’re called Q pins because they’re the shape of a Q. You might think that’s obvious but it took me a while… The tail of the “Q” acts a a lip that pushes whatever paper/card you’re displaying against the surface you’ve pinned into.  They are available directly from Q-Pins for $5 per pack of 24.


I tested them by pinning a couple of cards (which I definitely wouldn’t want holes in) to corkboard. As you can see, they hold them up firmly, and indeed, don’t leave any holes/marks in the cards. Ideal. I did a – very scientific – “waft” test too and they held up well, no movement.


This is the sort of thing that you think is so obvious that you don’t know why it didn’t exist before! If I had one criticism – and this is just me being a snob – I would say that the packaging could probably do with improving. Not that it doesn’t fit the purpose, but it could look cooler. But on the whole I think this is a really useful product. Nice one Q-Pins.

They were kind enough to give me a pack to give away to my readers. If you’re curious/want to try them, just comment below and I’ll choose a winner at random. I will post anywhere around the world and this competition will close GMT 17.00 on Friday 14 November 2014.

For clarity: Q-Pins sent me this product free of charge for my review, but views are non-biased.


Would love to win these. Thanks!

Posted 5 years ago by Dan G. Reply

Awesome! That’s pretty cool!

Posted 5 years ago by InfoJunkie Reply

Would love these for my 700 cork, cork board. Could even make one for you!

Posted 5 years ago by bisho Reply

They look awesome!

Posted 5 years ago by Brody McDonald Reply

Better late than never… I’ve just done a number generator to pick the winner… And it’s number 4! So that’s you Brody McDonald. I’ll email you shortly 🙂

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