geometric pastel
There’s something about this print – maybe it’s those easy on the eye pastels, cooled up with a geometric print and then made a bit luxury with gold foil… I don’t know – either way I LIKE IT.

geometric pastel2
These Thank You Cards come in packs of 10, for £9.99.

geometric pastel3
Next up, the Petite Journal set:

geometric pastel4
It’s a pack of 3, each with a different cover. They’re a decent size, with 96 lined pages each. You can get a set for £10.99.

geometric pastel5
I think these Sticky Notes are a great product – in a set you get 480 stickies in 8 designs and 3 different sizes so it’s the sort of thing that would be super handy to have on your desk. You can get a a set for £8.99.

geometric pastel6Unfortunately, I think there was something wrong with the set I got, as the adhesive was so strong that it was difficult to pull them off, and even when you could, they pulled off a bit of the sticky note below… I’m going to assume that I had a bad batch, or that something happened to cause the adhesive to go funny. I did get in touch with Galison to check that this was the case but didn’t hear back. I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt, but in the interests of honesty, I thought I should mention it.

geometric pastel7
The last product I tried from the range was this File Folder Set.

geometric pastel8
I think you’ll agree that these are way cooler than the usual files you see, and thus the perfect place to organise all your… important grown up stuff. Just like I have. You can bag yourself a pack of 8 for £6.99.

These products were sent to me by Abrams & Chronicle for the purpose of this post, but this is all my honest opinion.