Oh my GOD, did anyone else have a Funfax when they were a kid?! I just thought of them out of nowhere and a quick google has reminded me how BRILLIANT they were! For anyone that wasn’t lucky enough to have a Funfax, they were the kid’s version of a Filofax, they were around in the ’90s and they looked like this:

Acer Image

Not the best pic, sorry, I found it on a forum. Anyway, you could also get mini books to go inside about basically anything in the whole world… Like this:

Boring 3
So much great stuff.

I also had one of these bad boys:

And to this day I’m obsessed with being a detective…

I feel sorry for kids that didn’t grow up with Funfax.


I used to love my funfax! It was obviously what got me into stationery. I had the spy file! I wish I still had them. 🙁

    I know – so gutted I got rid of mine…

Oh my god, this has brought back so many memories, thank you so much! If only I had thought that years down the line I’d want to look at it and not thrown it away in quite such a mercenary fashion when it wasn’t ‘cool’ anymore!

    My pleasure! I know, such a shame, it seems like everyone got rid!

Good Funfax. Yeah ?

Posted 8 years ago by Edd Reply

I still have mine. Under my bed…

Posted 8 years ago by Ninanina Reply

I have 4 brand new ones up for sale open to offers, in original plastic covers too

Posted 8 years ago by Chryston Reply

Are these still available I desperately want one for my daughter

Posted 8 years ago by Leanne Reply

I so lived my fun fact, still have it and it still smells so new. Loved the stickers and the Callander. Lots of notes about girls

Posted 8 years ago by Alex Reply

How funny to stumble across this. I drew cartoons and illustrations for many of these (including the Spy File). I had completely forgotten about them.

Posted 8 years ago by Dave King Reply

    No way!!! That’s so cool. EVERYONE remembers Funfax with so much nostalgia ❤️

I was literally a member of the funfax fan club.. I had a red and black one as well but I can’t remember for the life of me what the theme was!

Posted 8 years ago by Laura Reply

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