Clip bored…

Generally I think of clipboards as this:

Blue PVC Clipboard from Ryman

Now, there’s nothing wrong with that I suppose, but it’s pretty boring and doesn’t inspire me much.

Then recently, I came across this picture…

Designed by Susanna Vento and photographed by Kristiina Kurronen on Wave Avenue.

…and saw how great clipboards can look! They can be used really effectively to display things, whether it’s art; you could clip a print in one, instead of a frame, or postcards you get sent, or pick up in galleries… Or if you have the sort of job where you have several projects on at once, you could use them as little mood boards to keep all your thoughts I order. Or for blog ideas! If only I had my own office at home…

I’ve also picked out some of “the internet”‘s coolest clip boards (yeah, that’s right, they CAN be cool!):

Vintage  industrial clipboards from Present and Correct

On a similar vintage industrial theme from Vintage Vivant on Etsy

Another Etsy find from Gift N This N That

Mini Clipboard from Ding Ding at Smug

This last one I like especially, as it’s something I think I could make easily myself, using lino printing. That’s another project to add to my list…

So there you go, not boring after all.


oooh i love these! i just haven’t found a wall space to be able to put some up like in your picture. i’d love to someday. you have a beautiful blog! do you also have an interest in art? (:

    Thank you! I just looked at your blog, it’s lovely! So jealous of that stationery outlet you went to! Looks like my heaven!

    Posted 7 years ago by tsowry Reply

      in which part of this huge, huge world do you live? just curious. i live in malaysia (: oh it was heaven for me! your stationery blog is one i’ll definitely be reading regularly.

        I’m in London, England. Likewise, I’ll be reading yours!

        Posted 7 years ago by tsowry Reply

          i see! i know London’s a wonderful, exciting place. thank you for the support <3

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