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J. Herbin Stormy Grey Ink

So pretty much EVERYONE has reviewed this ink, (for example, Gourmet Pens, Ed Jelley, Pen Addict, Well-Appointed Desk etc, etc.) and have all done it far better than I can so this isn’t a review as such, just showing it off. I used the Stormy Grey with a dip pen and Nikko G Nib. I’m not… Read more »

Lamy Al-Star Copperorange + Ink Review

After writing THIS POST, lots of people were lovely enough to suggest some fountain pens I’d like to try… One of these was the Lamy Al-Star, and when Bureau Direct offered to send me one to try out, how could I resist?! Looks Well, my first impression was that although it’s a larger pen than… Read more »

Busy B Notebooks & Weekly Planner

I hadn’t discovered Busy B before they got in touch to send me some samples of their new floral range, so I’m really pleased they did! Now, if I’m completely honest, the look of these is a little girlier than I’d usually probably go for… But seeing them in person, they’re actually really great quality… Read more »

A Year In Stationery Blogging

Firstly, a quick apology for my quietness over the last week, I thought I’d enjoy Christmas away from my laptop, but I’m back and raring to go. And seeing as it’s going to be a late night tonight, I thought I’d take the opportunity to sit in my PJs all day and “reflect” on the… Read more »

Video Review: Pedlars Signet 100 Pencils

I’m trying out video reviewing for the first time (and am slightly nervous about it), and have chosen the lovely Signet 100 pencils by Pedlars. Take a look below: What do you think (I already know it’s too long…)? Let me know below!  

Adventures in Stationery: Book Review

Hi, my name is Tessa and I am the SLOWEST READER ON THE PLANET. Ok, maybe not, but that’s the only excuse I can think of to justify the fact that I’ve had this book for 2 months and have only just finished it… Also, I haven’t written a book review since school so apologies… Read more »