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NEW BRAND FIND: Nomess Copenhagen

Back in September, I happened to be wasting time in Harrods before a dinner when I accidentally bought these pencils. I also saw some lovely items by a Nomess Copenhagen, but was restrained enough not to buy them, thinking I’d look them up and find them somewhere cheaper than the most expensive department store in… Read more »

Stationery Organised Neatly: One Year

  Strictly speaking my first blog anniversary was on the 2nd, but I’ve only now had a chance to do this…. I wanted to do a Stationery Organised Neatly with everything I’ve collected over the last year. Ok, this isn’t EVERYTHING, but about 90%. I won’t even begin to start listing what’s above but it’s… Read more »

What I got for Christmas 2014…

A bit of a showy-offy title I know, but I thought I’d share the stationery related items I got for Christmas: A handkerchief disguised as an A4 sheet of lined paper, and a pin/brooch disguised as a fountain pen nib, both from my mum. Finally got my hands on my dream scissors, by Hay, from… Read more »

Shop Visit: Luiban Papeterie, Berlin

This was one of the shops I was looking forward to visiting the most in Berlin, and it didn’t disappoint. Located in the Mitte area, Luiban Papeterie is a neat and quiet shop with a great selection of stationery. My favourite thing in the shop was this brilliant way of displaying envelopes (left). It’s a… Read more »

Christmas Gift Guide: Stocking Fillers

In what is going to be my final Christmas gift guide of the year, I’m looking at stocking fillers. Everything below is under £10. No. 1: Neon Colour Block Pencils, £1.90 each from Hopscotch. These paint dipped pencils are really on trend in their fluro colours; yellow, orange & pink. Love! No. 2: Letterpress Postcards,… Read more »

A Cool Little Thing…

Just a quick one from me today to share a funny little item I found on the web (via Core77 in “Quaint, Cool Items for People Who Still Use Paper“. Not sure how I feel about that title…). It’s a single sheet paper cutter! Simple, but genius: It’s by Levenger, and apparently when you use… Read more »

Christmas Gift Guide: Stationery Sets

It kind of pains me to be doing anything Christmas related before December 1st, but I suppose one has to be organised… There’s too much out there to fit in one post so I’ll be doing a few over the next few weeks. I’m going to do 3 (I think); one on gift sets, one of… Read more »

Shop Visit: Au Petit Bonheur la Chance, Paris

OH. MY. GOD. If you like vintage stationery, Au Petit Bonheur la Chance is pretty much the best place in the world. It’s stacked floor to ceiling with vintage homewares and stationery and is BRILLIANT. This is going to be a bit of a picture-heavy post, because in writing this I’m finding it hard to describe… Read more »

Great Ideas #3: Q-Pins

I must say when the folks at Q-Pins got in touch with my I was a little sceptical… Their product is push pins that don’t pierce the paper. It obviously sounds like a great idea but I wondered if it could be executed well. But I though, hey, sure, worth seeing what they came up… Read more »

Shop Visit: Delfonics, Paris

The next shop I visited on my trip to Paris was Delfonics. It’s a Japanese company who have several stores in Japan and then one in Paris, in the mall beneath the Louvre. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t let me take pictures inside the shop, but luckily it’s got a big glass front! It’s a really lovely… Read more »