Card Catalog Notecards

It was my mum’s birthday last week and she’d asked me to get her this notecard set because she had been writing to a friend recently. When they arrived I thought I’d quickly wrap them and send them off to her but I liked them so much I had to take some pictures so I could share them on here!


It’s by Chronicle Books and is a set of 30 notecards which are replicas of those used in the Library of Congress, with all the original notes on them. They come in a sturdy box, which opens to reveal tabbed dividers, with the cards and envelopes.


The cards have blank lines on the back to you can write on them, and the envelopes are also replicas of those that used to hold the catalogue cards in library books.



I just wanted to share this as I thought it was a great gift for any book lovers in your life (and my mum is definitely one of those – a retired librarian who now volunteers to runt he local library too!).


I remember those from grade school and the school library had a shelf full of them. I do wonder whatever happened to all the paper cards though now that everything is digital.

Posted 7 years ago by Rae Reply

    Yeah, I wonder too… I like when you occasionally find a book old enough in the the library to still have one stuck inside though 🙂

I got these a few months ago and love them too! They are great cards to go with gifting a book!

Posted 7 years ago by Robin Reply

    That is a brilliant idea!!

This is a great gift for a writer. 🙂

Posted 7 years ago by Wendy Reply

    Good idea Wendy!

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