Busy B Notebooks & Weekly Planner

I hadn’t discovered Busy B before they got in touch to send me some samples of their new floral range, so I’m really pleased they did! Now, if I’m completely honest, the look of these is a little girlier than I’d usually probably go for… But seeing them in person, they’re actually really great quality and very cleverly designed. The lady behind Busy B is Kerri Binnie, a product designer and mother of three. The company’s strap line is ‘Oh so clever!’ and you can tell that all the products have been made with functionality in mind.


This is the Short List Pad, £3.99. It’s a great pocket/handbag size, each sheet is about the size of a large post-it. There are 3 different designs and the sheets tear off really easily.


This is the Mini Notebook, £4.99. Again, good handbag size, A6 this time. This one has lined paper, an elastic band to hold it all together and a super useful – although I hate this word – gusset you can keep things in.


And then last but not least, this Weekly Planner Pad, £8.99. Now, I’m not quite there yet but I can imagine if you have kids, this would be SO useful to keep track of what everyone’s doing each week. This product has a couple of really clever details; it comes with magnets, so you can hold pages on the fridge, and it’s glued on 2 edges so that you can use it as a mousepad if you like. Plus there’s 60 sheets so this’ll do you for over a year.


All the products use the same paper so I thought I’d do a quick tester to see how it fares with different writing tools. In short, really well! Only the slightly inkier pens; the Le Pen and Kaweco Sport were visible from the other side of the page, but not much, and there’s also enough of a tooth on the page to make using pencils pleasant.

You can check out the rest of the range on the Busy B shop.

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me free of charge but I have tried my best not to let this affect my review. 


I am using the weekly planner this year, it is on the side of the microwave, life is so busy since I retired this is perfect and adds to the calendar/diary. I used the busy persons diary last year with one side for me and the other for me and work, it didn’t work, I kept double booking myself, now I have everything on a single page, much easier

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    Ahhh I didn’t know that! This same brand?

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