Bureau Direct June Haul Part 1: Clips Ahoy!

As soon as I saw both of these sets of clips in Bureau Direct’s Stationery Wednesday newsletter a couple of weeks ago, I knew I had to choose them for my June haul. Both are Japanese, and both are very useful.

OHTO Smiley Clips
How cute are these?! And very functional too. The OHTO Smile Slide Clippers are £6.95 for 10 if you choose the small ones (which I did), or for 5 if you choose the big ones.

Even the small ones hold quite a few sheets of paper (25 apparently), and held 4 pieces of card together here, with plenty of room to spare:

OHTO Smiley Clips
They way they work is that you put the silver teeth over whatever you want to hold together, and then push down on the top of the coloured smiley section to keep it in place. Useful, cheerful, fun!

Now for something more sophisticated…

Mark's Travelife Turn Clips
These Mark’s Inc Travelife turn clips (I would call them bulldog clips…) comes in packs of 10, with 2 sizes, for £6.95.

Mark's Travelife Turn Clips
They’re numbered, which is useful, 1-5 in the small ones and 1-5 in the big. I’m a sucker for brass so I love the colour of these.

Mark's Travelife Turn Clips
They’re actually sold out at the moment… Which proves they’re a popular choice. I can imagine they’d be useful for all kind of stuff; holding stuff together, keeping containers shut. I think they’d look great displaying postcards and prints on the wall; just hook them over a nail.

As someone with an extremely messy desk at the moment, and lots of piles of papers, I know exactly how I’m going to put both of these set to good use. Excuse me while I go get organised!


Lifehacker has a nice “9 Things to do with Binder Clips” article;


I keep two or three in my sketching kit, to hold a sketchbook open, or keep a reference image where I want it.

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